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"Greetings from our professional service team. Thank you for your inquiry! We are here to create and expand hair, makeup, cosmetic, model portfolios and cover events at its finest.


A non-refundable deposit must be made prior to the photoshoot via Cash, Zelle, Paypal, or through this website. The remaining balance would be paid in full on the day of the photoshoot (also non-refundable).

Late Fees/ Rescheduling Fees

  • Our late fee applies after every 15 minutes ($30).

  • Our rescheduling fee is: $50

The rescheduling fee can be WAVIED if the client successfully reschedules the appointment within 24 hours prior to the original booking time.

The client can reschedule via the confirmation booking email that was sent out when you originally booked the appointment (If you cannot find it call 347-484-3068 ASAP).

Creative Direction/Poses

The photographer provides creative direction & poses for ALL clients.

Items Lost/Misplaced

The photographer is not responsible for any items lost in the studio. However, if an item is misplaced the photographer will help the client to find any items that might have been misplaced or missing after the shoot.

Need Photos Back Fast?

ALL shoots must be booked at least 48 hours in advance to assure studio availability!


Need your photos back fast? No problem just click on the "add-on" - "Expedited Photo Processing" & you will have your all RAW photos within 36 hrs & edits within 48 hrs from your original booking time. With this option its guaranteed fast delivery (1-3 DAYS). Any failure to comply will result in the photographer giving the client back a partial refund.

In order to assure fast delivery time the client must:

  • Check email frequently for link to photos

  • Bring laptop or USB on photoshoot date for instant transfer of RAW photos.

  • Send back the photo file name of the pictures that they would want edited ASAP (EXAMPLE: "PMM_#")

Confirmation Page

A confirmation receipt will be sent to your email after placing a deposit will contain:

  • The studio location

  • The appointment time/date

Photoshoot Requirements

(These requirements may NOT apply to all clients, but it solely depends on the "look" you would like to achieve for the photoshoot)


  • Hair - Hair & edges must be laid flat. Edges MUST be present.

  • Makeup - Make up must be blended & beat down to the new ground you are about to walk on.

  • Nails & Toes - Same color.

  • Shaved/Waxed - Everything.

Need a Makeup Artist?

Looking for a makeup artist? I got a great one for you! In order to add an MUA to your photoshoot package, simple click on the "Makeup Artist" Add-ON & your all set.

Your makeup will be done to the same location as the photoshoot.

Post-Photoshoot/What to look out for.

After the photoshoot is over, digital copies of all the RAW photos from the photoshoot would be sent via a weblink (WeTransfer), to the clients email.

  • Clients can bring USB/Hard-drive/Computer on the photoshoot date to have an instant transfer of RAW photos taken during the shoot).


  • Clients can use the, "Wetransfer" Application via a smart phone to access the RAW photos after being sent out. However, using a computer is suggested to download the files because after 1 month the online link will be deleted).

After the RAW photos are delivered, the client will then send back the desired amount of pictures they want edited (costs of extra edited photos may vary).

Each RAW photo has a specific file name for each individual photo, the photographer recommends sending the file name instead of the actual photo for reduced photo editing time.

Example: "PMM_#" or "SBPM_#"


By proceeding with this message, you agree to ALL terms AND conditions.

Results may vary.

See you soon!

PM ⚡️

reetings from our professional service team. Thank you for your inquiry! We are here to create and expand hair, makeup, cosmetic, and model portfolios.


- Looks are considered, but not limited to different outfit changes, locations, backdrops, addition/subtraction of participants, hair changes, and makeup adjustments etc.

- A non-refundable full payment must be made prior to the shoot via Stripe, Zelle Transfer or Google Pay.

- Cancelations will not be tolerated, you MUST reschedule.

- All hair and makeup must be done prior to the photoshoot.

- For ALL location projects, traveling fees will be assessed. Please note this prior to booking to be contacted to make arrangements and discuss additional pricing.

- Makeup artists/ Hairstylists are welcomed on set.

- Our late fee applies after every 15 minutes ($30).

- Our rescheduling fee applies to all appointments that are altered or rescheduled under all circumstances ($100).

- Photographer is not responsible to supply any additional props, accessories prior to, or during a booking. Failure to properly prepare will serve the photographer no responsibility.

- Cancelations must be used towards a future booking. (Under rescheduling circumstances listed above).

- All requests will be granted on site in respect to booking time frame without prior discussion of net/gross value of service requested.

- ALL 30 minute sessions MUST be booked at top of all hours (eg. 7:00-7:30,8:00-8:30,9:00-9:30). If not, confirmation receipt will be sent with top of hour booking.

Sales/Promotions/Redemption Codes: Please be advised, rules and regulations will be altered due to the sale price and the high demand. Time changes and time intervals will be altered in half intervals (Ex: 1 hour shoots will now be subject to 30 mins.) Quality/quantity of merchandise will be delivered under original conditions. All results may vary, All deposits are paid in full/nonrefundable under all circumstances.

(Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Due to unpredictable circumstances on this pandemic, we are uncertain as to when things will clear up. We are still open for business and still trying to keep everyone safe. Understand deposits are allocated to cover various non-refundable amenities pertaining to your booking (ex. studio space, studio time etc.) Due to this inevitability, no appointments will be rescheduled. 40% refunds will be granted on all cancelations.

- Failure to abide these rules will result in termination of shoot. You will be subject to initiate another booking under a no call/no show circumstance or failure to reschedule within 7days.

Appointed photographer will be sent to shoot and provide coverage for the time booked for ALL photoshoot appointments.

- Our standard delivery window is approximately 3-8 days (All items will be worked on upon arrival of final choices from your project)

- Strict NO REFUND policy -

- ALL studio shoots must be booked within 48 hours to assure studio availability! Confirmation receipt will be sent upon approval request being granted.

By proceeding with this message, you agree to ALL terms AND conditions. Results may vary.

Best Regards, White-Collar imaging




Studio Shoot

Stucio shoot Pro (pro includes creative direction)

Full Portfolio build

On location

On location Pro


Travel (Over 10 miles)

Late fee

Rush Fee

15 Sec promo clip

1-3 Min Promo video


event photography

event recap

event promo video

Tel: (929)- 324-0472


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